Our home cleanse would have been totally impossible to achieve without Charlie’s help.  For months and month’s, I walked into my home and this ache of frustration came over me that things were so dis-ordered.  The trouble was, I had no clue where to start, so every time I did, it didn’t happen.  We needed someone outside of our home to help us, first of all, do a massive detox and declutter/cleanse.  After hearing about Charlie’s service and how highly recommended she had been, we called her up and got her booked in as soon as possible.  Charlie arrived to start our process and was a dream to work with from the start, being both patient and sensitive to our personal belongings and understanding of how actually hard it is to start letting things go.  The declutter formed a natural order and after two days the cottage looked so different and it felt like it had breathing space.  We immediately felt at more peace.  We then went on to the next stage of choosing paint colours for a complete redecoration of the cottage and choosing fabrics for soft furnishings and our new interior style theme.  Charlie saved us a fortune and time with her wealth of knowledge and contacts, from where to find products for the house along with all the things we did not need that we may have otherwise brought. 


Latterly and after my husband had completed the overall redecoration in the cottage we got Charlie back again for stage 3.  She helped us place back all our much loved belongings that we chose to keep and blended them back into the house in a way that we would have never imagined.  Our home looked totally different under her expert eye.  This was interspersed with some virtual work advising us about some new purchases, including light fittings, shades, rugs and mirrors.  Charlie knew her product so we trusted we were getting quality and it started to put the style and theme of the Cottage in a new energised light.  Our picture framing of our beloved art and some final home pieces was a joy and again more money saved as I would have purchased things I just did not need.

Thanks to Charlie I now have the confidence to declutter/cleanse when things build up and make more informed choices about spending. 

Our home now feels complete and we can’t stop looking at the finished project with a huge smile and a heart full of peace at Home.

Jessica Drake, Buntingford

Charlie Smith has worked for us over the last ten years as an Interior Stylist helping us do up two homes.

She has completely redesigned our family home, with new and creative design concepts.  She has an amazing ability to re-style key pieces, change rooms around and breath-fresh-air into every space she touches.  Charlie brought life and soul back into our house whilst retaining its familiarity.  She has managed the house refurbishment; project-managed the building of my yoga studio and assisted in the complete garden remodel.

Charlie has had project management autonomy for the building, renovation and design for our second homes in Chichester.  This has involved managing all on-site Trades.

She is one of the most hard-working, trustworthy, discrete, consciousness and detail orientated people I know.

She will be working closely with us on our complete new build located on the beach front in West Sussex early next year.

Louise Winterbotham, Frimley Green, Surrey

I cannot thank Charlie enough for transforming our home. I was stuck in a rut for so many years. My husband and I could never agree on colours and items for our house. It was stressful and we always over spent. Charlie is incredible. She restyled the whole house to make every room flow together within our budget. She has given me confidence to buy things and try new designs. It has been a great project and the experience has been fun and enjoyable. Charlie has made every room workable for our family and lifestyle. She is absolutely brilliant at what she does. 100% recommended.

Lucie McCord, Liphook, Hampshire

We gave Charlie a fiendishly difficult brief: make the room as attractive as possible, but also make it easy and comfortable to live in.  Beauty and practicality are not easy bed-fellows and yet Charlie achieved more than we could have hope for.  Her eye for design, her use of space, her understanding of colour was, quite simply, a joy to behold.  I love watching experts do their work so well and at such a competitive price.  I would thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommend her skills to anyone looking to maximise their living space.

Nick Raymond, Blackheath, London